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Water on Wheels is a water supply company offering water transport services for all types of commercial, industrial and domestic customers across Perth and Western Australia.

We are domestic water suppliers who service everything from industrial sites, major sport events and businesses to remote and offshore operations.

To ensure the highest quality standards in our water trucks, Water on Wheels require that clients conduct a thorough chemical analysis for the full range of contaminants where there is a risk of contamination.

We are water carters who specialise in demineralized, deionized, potable (drinking) and distilled water for commercial and industrial clients whose machinery and/or operations rely on exacting standards of water quality.

We comply with all Commonwealth, State and local government requirements and guidelines for water handling and safety, as well as adhering to industry best practice.

As domestic water suppliers, Water on Wheels services residences as well as community facilities like schools and aged care homes.


Our Suppliers


The team at Water on Wheels are proud to be a Western Australian, family owned business.

We supply water for a wide variety of purposes to clients all over Western Australia.

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